We tagged along on a donation run out to Brisbane Valley Cat Rescue yesterday (because who wouldn’t want to go see nearly 200 cats?!) and of course a camera came along as well 🙂 These are just a few of the beautiful felines up for adoption (and the 2 canine permanent residents) that we met. If you’re looking to adopt a cat you should probably pay them a visit! There are big cats, little cats, brave cats, shy cats, cats who will sit on your lap for days and others who prefer some solitude in a patch of sun there are also ginger cats, black cats, tortoiseshell cats, fluffy cats, short hair cats and well you get the idea… a cat for almost everyone 🙂 Brisbane Valley Cat Rescues continued operation relies on not only people adopting the cats but also donations of not only money but bedding/old blankets, food, cat carriers, bowls, litter and trays. If you can help out with any of the aforementioned visit their website here  for further information. They do also have a need for foster carers (also more information on the website).thegehrmanns-21 thegehrmanns-2
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Leave A


February 19, 2017
Great photos of some cute cats. I have a red tabby myself. He looks similar to your third photo down but much fatter.